Family Fun in the Kitchen


Family Fun in the Kitchen

September 9, 2013 l Topics:Appliances l By K&N Sales Staff
Planning a night in with your family and hanging around the kitchen is the recipe for a good time, so why not invite your teen’s friends over to join in on the fun? We understand the importance of spending time with family and want to suggest a few ways to keep the family fun coming through fall. Read on to find out a few suggestions!   What to cook   When deciding what to cook, go with something fun and easy, like homemade pizza. Pizza is simple to whip up and will give the teens a chance to be creative. It’s a meal the whole family will enjoy. Here is a list of healthy pizzas recipes, be sure to go grocery shopping for all the ingredients beforehand! You might even want to bring your teen with you and improve his or her planning skills.   Cooking made easy   Many pizza lovers find the combo of crispy crust with stringy cheese to be the perfect combination, and the Thermador 30” Double Electric Wall Oven will bake just that. This dual oven allows double the cook time with its extra large capacity, getting the pizzas out quicker than a traditional-sized oven and onto the dinning table.  Another great feature on this oven is that it’s self-cleaning, what could be easier than that?   Let the teens do the cooking   Remember this is a night for the teens to have some fun, so take the night off from the stove and hand over the kitchen. Give them adequate counter space on which to work and have the necessary appliances out for easy access. After dinner is served and over with, store the leftovers in a Sub-Zero Refrigerator/Freezer. This particular refrigerator offers an air purification system that will keep the meal fresh for days.   K&N Sales offers a variety of appliances that will help in creating a fun night of cooking with friends and family. Check out our Closeout & Overstock Appliances online or visit us at our showroom for the latest products.

Healthy Afternoon Snacks

September 2, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

School is back in session and everything kicks off in full swing, which can make it a challenge to maintain healthy eating habits. Swinging by McDonalds with the kids, ordering in a pizza and stocking the freezer with quick bites like Tostito’s Pizza Rolls can certainly be tempting for the busy parent this time of year. However, eating right can improve your children’s chances of excelling in school, making responsible decisions and, of course, their general physical well being. We will touch on how healthy eating benefits your children much more than just their physical health and what you can do to create nourishing after school snacks.


Set the Stage  


 It is important to set the stage for healthy eating habits for children while they are young for a number of reasons. Teach your children to try different foods and eat a balanced diet because when they grow older you will not always be there to guide them on what they should eat.




Some foods have amazing benefits. According to Janice Baranowski, a pediatric behavioral nutritionist at Baylor University of Houston, eating habits can affect your child’s concentration and increase their performance in school. For instance, berries are said to improve concentration. Deficiencies in iron can be the cause of low energy levels in your children, so don’t forget to serve them some beef and poultry on a regular basis. Click here to learn more about how healthy eating can affect your children’s life.


Afternoon Delight


A great way to encourage your children to eat in a healthy manner is to involve them in food preparation. Perhaps you can set up a “Cooking Show” as Aimee, Editor at Simple Bites, did with her daughter and some friends. Preschoolers will enjoy creating Frogs on a Log, plus it’s full of nutrients. All ages will enjoy baking this simple, yet tasty Zucchini Bread with chocolate chips.


K&N Sales has the latest cooking appliances to update your kitchen for the start of a new school year. Stop by our showroom or visit us online to find appliances that will make cooking with your little ones just that much easier!