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There is Still Time to Add These Items to Your Wish List

December 17, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

With Christmas less than 10 days away, there is still time to make an impressive addition to your kitchen before the day arrives. Time is short, but K&N Sales has plenty of options that will fit on your wish list.


Cook up some new treats in an oven from Bertazzoni. These ovens take their inspiration from the company's original wood-burning stoves. You can add style and quality to your kitchen this holiday season with a new oven.


A new refrigerator/freezer is just what your kitchen needs. K&N has numerous selections from Amana to keep your food fresh and ready. Keep your kitchen cool with a new refrigerator/freezer.


Celebrating doesn't end after the holidays. Consider adding a wine rack so you have easy access when the next celebration arises. K&N offers numerous sizes and styles of wine racks where you can store your collection.  Ask how they help you store your wine today.

Christmas in coming. However, you can have a new gift in your kitchen by the time it arrives. Contact K&N Sales to talk about your kitchen wish list. They can help you get what you w


Turn Your Bathroom into a Place of Rest and Relaxation

December 9, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Is your bathroom in need of improvement? Does your tub need an upgrade?  The experts at K&N Sales can help you turn your bathroom into a place of rest and relaxation.


Give Yourself a Luxurious Bathing Experience


A new walk-in tub with hot tub jets will make bathing the relaxing experience you need at the end of a long week.  A new shower head with extra settings will make getting clean therapeutic.  A sliding door for your shower will increase the amount of room you have to prepare for your bathing experience.


Increase Your Storage Options


You can never have too much room for storage, especially in the bathroom.  K&N will help you plan a strategy to use new cabinets to expand your options for storage.  You will be able to relax even more when everything in your bathroom has a place to call home.


Take Your Sink to a New Level


A new sink will change the look of your bathroom immediately.  New hardware for your sink will catch people’s eyes and create an impression.  It may not seem like much but the sink and the area around it can set the tone for the whole bathroom.


Give your bathroom a new start for the new year.  K&N Sales will help you design the area of your dreams.