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Use Every Nook and Cranny to Expand Your Storage Options

April 9, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Do you find yourself constantly trying to find more space for storage in your home? Does it seem like no matter what you try or how hard you try to make things fit, you will never have enough room for everything?


Sometimes it takes a little outside the box thinking to maximize the use of every nook and cranny your home has to offer. It is a challenging task to undertake; however, here are a few ideas to help you jump start the process and start finding those unique storage options.


Have You Ever Considered a Trundle Bed?

There is usually a surplus of unused space under a bed. A trundle bed, complete with drawers, offers an efficient way to make use of that space. In addition this horizontal cabinet provides the option of extra bedding if the need ever arises.


How About a Wall Divider/Shelving Unit?

A wall divider is a great way to break up a large room into smaller, more intimate sections. By combining the wall divider with a shelving unit, you can further leverage the space you have. The shelves serve as a great to store items and display them in a unique way.

Don’t Forget Your Toiletries

Keeping a bathroom organized is a special challenge. New bathroom shelving is a stylish and savvy way to store your necessities. Shelves can create a new level of organization and double as decor.

Tackle your storage needs head on. Don’t hesitate to look behind every nook and cranny with an open mind. K&N Sales has cabinetry options to help you as you solve your storage challenges with style.


Take Time this Spring to Help your Home Shine Again

April 2, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

With spring’s arrival, K&N Sales is enjoying the Houston weather immensely.  Indeed, it is a great time to be outside and enjoy the treats the city of Houston has to offer.  While it is a great time to explore the world outside, it is also an ideal time to spend some time inside sprucing up the inside of your abode.  Here are a few tips for an excellent spring cleaning experience.


Cleaning Your Bathroom Tiles


Start at the bottom when it comes to your bathroom.  Sparkling tiles are certain to brighten up the room.  For best results use a cleaner that has “Neutral PH” on the label.


Organizing Your Closets


The beginning of your day will be trending upwards if you are looking into a newly organized closet.  Take the time to phase out those clothes that you don’t use any longer.  Strategic placement of clothing can be beneficial as well. Consider the way you get dressed when deciding where to place various clothing items.


Keeping the Shine in Your Kitchen


There is nothing like stainless steel to establish an impressive cooking space. The spring is a great time to start helping your stainless steel maintain its luster.  Spraying a wax-based aerosol on your appliances twice a week will do wonders for the shine in your kitchen.

Without a doubt, Houston is full of activities for you and your family in the spring.  Enjoy the weather before the summer furnace arrives.  However, set aside some time to help the inside of your home recover from the winter blahs as well.