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May You Have a Happy AND Safe New Year

December 31, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

When you go out to ring out the old year, make sure you make it to the new year safely and soundly.  Here are a few tips to make sure your celebration goes well, and you make it home in one piece.


If you are hosting your own party:


You’ve decided to make use of your customized kitchen remodel one last time in 2014.  That sounds like a great idea.  Keep these points in mind for the welfare of all your guests.  As the host, take the initiative of appointing a designated drive or two for the party.  If this is not possible, call a local taxi cab company to provide rides home for your guests.  Give people a non-alcoholic option if they so desire.  If need be, let guests know that they are very welcome to stay overnight in your home.  It’s another to show off your remodeled bathroom.


If you are going out on the town:


If you hit the road on New Year’s Eve, here are some ideas to help you make it back home safely.  First and foremost, don’t drink and drive.  If you are partying with a group, find a person in the group willing to not drink and be a designated drive.  Save the name of a reputable taxi cab company, and don’t hesitate to use it if you aren’t fit to drive.  If all else fails, stay where you are until you are sober.  It’s better to get home a few hours late than to take the risk of driving drunk.


May you have a happy and safe new year.  Contact K&N Sales to ring in the new year with an upgrade to your home.


Find A Tree That’s A Perfect Fit for Your Christmas Celebration

December 24, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
Is your Christmas tree a real tree? Or is it artificial?  With the holiday upon us, there are positives and negatives of each kind of tree that you choose to celebrate season.   The Artificial Tree   On the plus side, an artificial tree can be used year after year.  Also, artificial trees are inexpensive when compared to live trees, especially when their cost is spread out over numerous years.  Storing artificial trees can be a snap if you have a customized cabinet space dedicated to them.  For example, Wood-Mode cabinetry, which is on sale a K&N Sales, provides a perfect option for keeping your artificial tree safe until next December. On the negative side, there are environmental issues connected to the production of artificial trees.   The Live Tree   There is nothing like the smell of a fresh tree to make it feel like Christmas in your home.  The experience of picking out a tree can be an annual tradition that leads to lifelong memories.  However, a live tree does shed its leaves and create a mess.  In addition, since it is a living thing, a live tree has the potential to bring insects and other living things into your home.   Pick What’s Right for You   Take the time to consider which tree option is best for your lifestyle and your home.  Decide on the space where you will put your tree before you make a purchase.  This gives you a chance to measure the tree and make sure it is going to be a perfect fit for your Christmas celebration. Contact K&N Sales for assistance with customized cabinetry options for storing your Christmas tree. Happy holidays!  

With ULine, You Build Your Kitchen Around Your Lifestyle

December 17, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
With ULine’s new modular refrigerator models, you can customize the remodel of your kitchen so that it works around your lifestyle.  ULine offers a large variety of refrigeration options so that your kitchen and your life isn’t forces to revolve around a large box.  Modular refrigeration gives you the freedom to reimagine your space and organize the right items in the right place at the right time.  ULine products are designed with front ventilation which allows for even more flexibility.   Right Product. Right Place. Right Time.   Spreading out the refrigeration when you remodel one of the most important parts of your home opens up an endless realm of possibilities.  For example, if your meal preparation is regularly interrupted by thirsty children getting a water bottle, you can put a modular unit dedicated to beverages, for example a 2000 Series unit on the perimeter of the kitchen to eliminate the intrusion.  Also, you can make your cooking space more efficient by installing a solid door 2000 series unit near your preparation area.  This addition will make it easy to get the fruits and vegetables that you need for the evening’s meal.   ULine Fits in Anywhere   ULine products are designed on a universal platform.  They fit in a Houston remodel, and they provide greater flexibility in kitchens anywhere in the world.  ULine modular refrigeration products are a part of kitchens in North America, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.  ULine has been shipping their products throughout the world for several decades.   ULine’s unique refrigeration systems give the flexibility you are looking for in your new kitchen. With ULine you have the freedom to build your kitchen to fit your lifestyle.  Contact K&N Sales for assistance in increasing the versatility of your cooking space.

With These Dishes, Your Holidays will be Delicious

December 10, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
The holidays are here, and now you can show off the kitchen remodeling that you have done.  Bring out all the stops, with some of these delicious holiday dishes.  Your family and guests will be in for a treat when they sit down at your dinner table.   Honey Glazed Ham   A succulent ham is the perfect anchor for your holiday meal.  The new “M” Series built-in oven from Wolf is the perfect place to prepare your ham.  This new offering from Wolf includes advanced convection for the most consistent cooking of any oven.  10 cooking modes allow you to make sure that every dish is cooked just right.  Your holiday ham will be something to talk about when it comes out of the “M” Series.   Smashed Potatoes with Goat Cheese   Mashed potatoes are an ideal complement to your holiday ham. Everyone will want to save a spot on their plate for this mouth-watering dish.  Adding goat cheese to the potatoes creates a creaminess and adds a special tang to the finished product.   Bananas Foster Breakfast Strata   You can satisfy a brunch crowd with this banana pudding creation.  Your guests will be satisfied by the crusty topping and the moist, custardy goodness on the inside.  Getting it just right can be a challenge but with your skills and your new “M” Series oven from Wolf, you are up to it.  Make sure you make enough for everyone to have seconds.   Celebrate the holidays in style.  Put your kitchen to work, so it can let you shine.  Your guests will be glad that you did.  Contact K&N Sales for assistance in getting your kitchen remodeled and ready for future holidays.

Give Your Kitchen The Present It Deserves- A Thermador Chimney Wall Hood

December 3, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
There is no better gift to give yourself this holiday season than a kitchen remodel in Houston.  Consider making the chimney wall hood from Thermador a part of your kitchen’s new customized look.   The new wall hood quietly and efficiently removes grease, smoke and other unhealthy airborne contaminants from your cooking space.  The new product comes in a variety of styles and sizes so one is certain to fit your specific needs.  Every model comes complete with Thermador’s legendary performance, which will give you the satisfaction which you expect.   Rest assured the new Thermador wall hoods are a perfect complement for the Thermador stove and range you are planning to add as well. In fact, this Thermador combination will make your kitchen remodel the talk of the neighborhood.  And why wouldn’t it be the talk of the neighborhood?  With Thermador quality and style, your new kitchen won’t give any other cooking spaces on your street a fighting chance.   Don’t wait wrap the new Thermador chimney wall hood in a big red bow and give your kitchen the gift it deserves.  It will be a present you remember and cherish for many holidays to come.  Contact K&N Sales for assistance in making Thermador quality and style part of your kitchen remodel today.