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Countertops to Complement Your Appliances & Cabinets

June 24, 2015 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
Now that we have explored appliance and cabinets trends, we turn our attention to countertops.  Countertops not only add style and character to your kitchen, but they are also a surface that must be durable given the constant activity that takes place upon them.  Like appliances and cabinets, you have plenty of options at your disposal to craft the perfect kitchen.

Appliance Colors: Beyond Black, White, & Silver

June 17, 2015 l Topics:Appliances l By K&N Sales Staff
After last week’s blog regarding the unfortunate flooding in Houston, we are back to our theme on design styles.  Specifically, appliance and cabinets trends.  Imagine you’re living in the 1970’s.  You want a groovy kitchen that matches the times.  You ask about your color choices for the new appliance you want to purchase.  They tell you, “black, white, or silver.  You say, “that’s it?”  Now, fast forward to 2015.  How the times have changed!  Your standard colors are always available, but now we have the luxury of a wealth of color options to match your style and personality.

Resources and Services at your Disposal After Flooding in Houston

June 10, 2015 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
At K&N Sales, we are proud to serve the Houston community and surrounding areas.  With our showroom located in the heart of Houston, we were front and center to witness the devastation that the flooding caused just a few short weeks ago.  Even though the flooding has subsided, many families are still dealing with the aftereffects of the storm.  To help you during these trying times, we have rounded up some resources and specials that may be of value to you.

Choosing a Custom Color for your Cabinets

June 3, 2015 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
This month we will take a deep dive and look at all the latest design styles in custom cabinets.  The industry is experiencing exciting trends as contemporary cabinets are continuing to increase in popularity and technological innovation is being implemented throughout your home.  We will start things off by examining custom paint colors for cabinets.