Wine Storage

K&N Sales is proud to offer beautifully designed, quality wine storage units from some of the most recognized manufacturers in the industry. Our highly curated products boast exceptional performance that meets our customers’ needs. We offer durable and stylish products which are tested to the nth degree.

Indicative of innovative engineering, the wine fridges or refrigerators come with advanced self cooling systems to keep your wine fresh. They are built with the latest technology to help preserve wine longer. If you have decided to take your relationship with your wine to the next level, invest in a good quality wine fridge which offers optimum preservation temperatures.

Remember, different storage units come with different temperature zones. It is advisable that if you have just started collecting wines, you can opt for a unit which comes with one cooling area and one temperature control system. However, if you have a growing collection of wines, you can opt for a dual refrigeration system which allows you to set different temperatures for each part of the unit. These can be beneficial if you are storing different types of wines, such as red and white wines. At our store, you can come across such varieties of options which cater to your specific needs.

Our expert sales staff will further guide you on what kind of refrigeration option would be best suitable for you and your favorite varietals. You will also get advice on the size of the refrigeration unit that you need for your home. For example, if you have a space crunch at your home, you can go for smaller stand alone or undercounter wine storage units. If you have a spacious kitchen area, you can go for a larger unit. At our store, you choose from units of different sizes, some having the capacity to store 1-15 bottles while others can store up to 50 bottles.
So, explore a variety of wine preservation units which include free standing as well as built-in. Built-in units can seamlessly integrate with other furniture at your home, thereby, enhancing the overall beauty of the decor.

Our knowledgeable sales representatives will help you choose the best product, particularly suitable for your daily needs and lifestyle.