Make the Most of Houzz


Make the Most of Houzz

July 19, 2017 l Topics:Remodeling l By K&N Sales Staff

When it comes to social media platforms, Houzz is more popular than ever. While homeowners are still using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for inspiration and planning purposes, we have found that Houzz is quickly becoming the social media platform of choice for home building and renovation. How can Houzz help you plan your next project? Let’s take a look!


If You’re Thinking of Doing a Remodeling Project…

March 16, 2016 l Topics:Blogs l By KN Staff

The time is here.  You have thought about the idea and you're finally ready to get the ball rolling.  However, you're feeling overwhelmed.  You don't know where to start.  You don't know the right way to do things.  The remodeling process can cause a lot of stress.  You have your dream result in mind and you want to do everything you can to achieve that end goal.  Given the complexity of a remodeling project, especially if you've never done one before, we would like to give you a general idea of a typical remodeling project.  While each project differs in its own way, we hope that this blog will give you some insight and confidence for when you begin your project.