Cooktops, Stoves, and Ranges—Know the Difference


Cooktops, Stoves, and Ranges—Know the Difference

September 12, 2018 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

You can’t get anything cooking without the right kitchen appliances! A commonly heard question from homeowners is, “What’s the difference between a range, a stove, and a cooktop?” Let’s break down the lingo when it comes to shopping for and choosing these kitchen appliances.

Stove vs. Cooktop vs. Range

The words “range” and “stove” are often used interchangeably by industry folks and writers when discussing kitchen appliances. When we use the term “range” we refer to a one-piece unit with a cooktop area, below which is located in an oven. The cooktop has zones (“burners”) that cook food using gas, electricity, or induction, depending on the unit. Most home ranges come in widths between 30” and 36”.

A cooktop is just a cooktop (as opposed to a range) when it is built into a counter, with a wall oven built-in separately. Like ranges/stoves, cooktops can be powered by gas, electricity, or induction, and come available in 30” and 36”.  Other decisions will hinge on the type of range or cooktop you choose, such as the type of exhaust or ventilation you install.

Wolf Dual Fuel Range

Pros & Cons

Installing a separate cooktop and oven allows you to tailor the appliances to your cooking needs—a bigger oven if you love to bake, a larger range if stovetop cooking is your preferred method. If you don’t mind mixing-and-matching, your options get even more flexible—customize to suit your cooking preferences.

Other things to consider: counter space, cabinet/drawer space, ventilation/hood installation, and of course, cost. Not sure where to start? Visit the K&N Sales showroom for expert help from our dedicated sales team.

Wolf Range Induction Cooktop and Induction Wall ovens

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