Energy/Efficiency in Today’s Appliances Part 1


Energy/Efficiency in Today’s Appliances Part 1

July 22, 2015 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

It's a typical Sunday afternoon.  You have made breakfast for your family and now the kids are playing videogames.  One of the most rousing tasks of the day has come around: laundry time!  While not the most exciting of chores, o how it is necessary.  Why not save money on your electricity bill and protect the environment while you're at it?  Many washers and dryers, and by extension dishwashers, have been designed today with energy and efficiency in mind.  We will explore some of the best options if you are looking to upgrade these appliances in your home.
Starting wish dishwashers, GE Monogram dishwashers artfully demonstrate the beauty in utility.  Similarly, Bosch dishwashers incorporate 18 sound reducing technologies through their German-engineered design.  Through technological innovation, these offerings will save you money by using less energy when cleaning your plates and utensils. At the same time, you will also help protect our environment by using less electricity and water during this process.
kitchen-450x240While the Scandinavian company Asko offers dishwashers, they also offer laundry appliances.  Some dryer models use vent-less condensation which significantly reduces energy used in drying a load.  All washers for sale have earned the ENERGY STAR label.  The label is bestowed upon certain appliances by the EPA that protect our environment through superior energy efficiency.  Fisher & Paykel washers use SmartDrive technology which sense each load, use less water, and run with less moving parts.  This New Zealand brand offers some of the most energy-efficient dishwashers in the world as well.  They offer a top-loading dishwasher as well as dishwasher drawers that allow you to specify smaller or larger loads by choosing drawers.
These impressive products from GE, Bosch, Asko, and Fisher & Paykel just make you feel that much better about your carbon footprint.  By making little efforts here and there, we can help future generations enjoy the luxuries that we sometimes take for granted.  To see all of our appliances in person, feel free to visit our showroom and don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Houzz!