Feng Shui Your Patio


Feng Shui Your Patio

July 1, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
Preseason NFL is upon us and if you are planning on entertaining with your fellow Texans fans, then you will want to be sure to follow these easy Feng Shui steps. Fill your home and patio with positive energy by using the principles of Feng Shui. shutterstock_2971241 Feng shui is the Chinese art of positioning possessions and furniture to assist you in finding ways to live peacefully in your environment. Chi is considered the natural life force by the Chinese and can be out of harmony if spaces are not tranquil and inviting.


Ideally have the entrance to your garden face South and have a clear starting entrance point, such as an arbor. The paths in your gardens should not be straight, rather meandering, because straight paths are said to lead directly to the end. The boundaries of the garden and patio should be clearly defined by a hedge or fence so as to assess the shape of the site itself in terms of feng shui. bloo

The Five

The five elements should be represented: water, fire, wood, earth and metal. A birdbath or fountain is great ways to incorporate water into your backyard. Lights or a grill, perhaps a Danver grill and hood, are ideal representations of fire. Planting boxes, a bench or an arbor can introduce the element of wood. Soil and clay are obvious choices for earth. Seating, cabinetry and outdoor appliances are easy additions for the metal element. Feng Shui emphasizes simplicity, so naturally the style of furniture and appliances you choose for your outdoor patio are key. Visit K&N Sales today to get started on your back patio and garden! Our expert staff will be pleased to assist you and kick-start your summer preseason NFL party planning!