From Clutter to Clean: Organizing Your Pantry


From Clutter to Clean: Organizing Your Pantry

February 18, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

You really only go into your pantry to either grab an ingredient or to put up your groceries. Even with the best planning, it can become a mess in no time. Now it’s time to get it into order with these helpful tips that we’ve found.

Pile Up

Take a look at your pantry and start making piles. HGTV suggests creating two piles. The first pile are things that need to be thrown out. This can be items that have expired, stale or have been crushed. The second pile is of items that you’ve bought but never used. If they’re still good, donate them to a local food bank.


Now that you’ve cleaned everything out, it’s time to start organizing. A great way to set up your pantry is in zones. Better Homes and Gardens breaks it down into seven zones. Our favorite is zone three! Create bins with all the non-perishable food items and recipe for one meal. This includes main and side dishes and dessert. For example, if you plan to have baked chicken with rice and green bean casserole one night, you would have the all the marinades for the chicken, the rice, can of soup, and crispy onions in a basket.

Another great idea is a kid zone from Woman’s Day magazine. This is an area in your pantry that has all of their snacks at their eye level. The magazine suggests using glass containers or baskets to store items, so you can cut down on bulky packaging.

We hope these tips will help you get your pantry back into shape! For all your kitchen appliance and cabinetry needs, be sure to stop by the K&N Sales showroom!