How to Deal with Flooding


How to Deal with Flooding

September 13, 2017 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

With the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey receding, the City of Houston has embarked on the long road to recovery. For those of you who experienced flood damage, that process may last weeks or even months. If you need assistance with a kitchen renovation due to flooding, the K&N Sales team is here to help, from the free quote to installation.

Houston we're here to helpFirst Steps to Address Flooding

Once the water has receded, and it is safe to re-enter your home, it’s time to take action; verify whether you have flood insurance, and contact your insurance company (or companies) immediately to begin filing a claim. We recommend visiting the FEMA assistance page as well, for information on how to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible in the event you experienced uncovered losses.

Property Damage

Cleaning and disposal of damaged items and materials are hard, often heartbreaking work. Our friends at the Greater Houston Builders Association have compiled several post-Harvey resources for homeowners, including checklists for what to do after the flood:

  • Take photos of floodwater, and personal property damage, especially of things like appliances (washer, dryer, water heater) and flooring/lower cabinets, as well as countertops
  • Make a comprehensive list of damaged/lost items, including receipts if possible
  • Know what to discard (moldy carpets, wet insulation, furniture) and what to keep (rigid insulation)
  • Throw away all foods that may have come in contact with floodwater
  • Have an electrician check systems before turning power back on in flooded homes

What’s Next?

The following set of links are handy resources for Houston homeowners impacted by Hurricane Harvey:

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