It’s October and It’s Time to Make Your Home Spooky


It’s October and It’s Time to Make Your Home Spooky

October 7, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

With just a few weeks until Halloween arrives, there is no better way to get ready for October 31 than decorating your home.  Here are some ideas for making your home spooky and fun.


Cover Your Counter with Pumpkins


Halloween pumpkinThere isn’t much that says Halloween like a bright orange jack-o-lantern, even if it is a Mr. Potato Head version.  Hand carved pumpkins will set the mood as well.  Whatever style of jack-o-lantern you select, a Spekva countertop from K&N will give it a perfect home on which to sit.


Put a Little Light on the Subject


You don’t need to wait until December to put lights on your house.  Orange lights in October are sure to set a holiday mood as well. The grill on your deck would be a great spot for some illumination, don’t you think.


Roses are Black, Violets are ???


A black rose by any other name is still as spooky.  Save a trip to the florist by using these directions for making roses with duct tape.  If you need a spot to store your  duct tape after you’re done, consider a kitchen cabinet from Wood Mode.


Don’t Forget Your Costume


Halloween CostumeFinish off your preparations by finding a disguise to wear on the 31st.  Make sure it reflects your personality and style.  The more creative it is the better.


You don’t need to live in a haunted mansion to have a festive Halloween.  Fill your home with spookiness and have fun with it.