Make Your Cabinetry Ideas a Reality


Make Your Cabinetry Ideas a Reality

July 16, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Old Paint Brush

Your cabinetry is an important of your home. In all likelihood, you have cabinets in almost every room of your home for storage and other purposes.  July is a great time to make some small upgrades to these vital pieces of furniture.


Handsome Hardware


A door knobs or pulls are like jewelry for your cabinets.  You can buy a large pack of the same design and refit all of the cabinetry in one room.  This simple change will make a world of difference.


Add a Coat of Paint


Proper prep work is the key to a successful painting project.  Be sure to clean the cabinets first, sand them, and fill in holes with putty before using a brush.  Laying cabinets doors flat and painting one side at a time will avoid drip marks.


Glass is Great


Replacing the inserts of your cabinet doors with glass will open up a brand new look in any room especially a kitchen.  Not all doors can be giving this treatment.  Make sure that the center panels can be taken out.


Light it Up


New lights under the cabinets in the kitchen can make work spaces more efficient.  New technology such as LED lights make it easy to add light wherever you need it.  As an added bonus, these LED lights last substantially longer than their predecessors.


Take the time this month to make the cabinet improvement you need.  Contact the designers at K&N Sales for assistance in making all of your cabinetry ideas a reality.