New in the Showroom: Dacor Flush Oven


New in the Showroom: Dacor Flush Oven

October 18, 2017 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

If you’ve been looking for a new kitchen oven, look no further than the K&N Sales showroom, where our latest Dacor Modernist Series flush-mounted oven is now on display. We’re pleased to carry the entire Modernist Series from Dacor and to offer our clients the opportunity to see the latest in next-generation kitchen technology right here in the showroom.

About the Modernist Collection

Dacor appliances go beyond simple “function,” fusing cutting-edge technology with timeless craftsmanship to create appliances that transform your kitchen.

  • Innovations include: Refrigeration with a dual ice maker that makes standard ice cubes, and large cocktail cubes; a 7” Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen on the range;  dual door-mounted cameras that connect to a smartphone app so you can get a real-time look at your refrigerator whenever you want.
  • Design details: Super-modern graphite stainless steel, 3D lighting, and stainless interiors, plus self-adjusting brightness, give the Modernist Collection appeal, inside and out.
  • Performance notes: Get cooking with steam-roasting and steam-baking and keep food fresh with best-in-class food preservation refrigeration solutions. State-of-the-art induction cooking gives you power and control you’ve never had before in the kitchen.

Dacor Double Wall Oven Stainless Steel

In the Showroom

Stop by the K&N Sales showroom to see the new Dacor Modernist flush-mount, vertical double oven with a 7” Wi-Fi enabled LCD touch panel and steam-roasting and steam-baking capabilities. Increase cooking space and capability with a new double oven from Dacor.

About Dacor

Dacor has been helping people cook more creatively in their homes for the last fifty years. One secret to their success is “thinking beyond the functional purpose of the products we make, to the emotional role they play in your life.” The designers and engineers at Dacor see your kitchen the way you do—as a place to connect with your family and friends in the act of cooking and sharing meals. Founded in 1948, Dacor’s Decades of Innovations kicked off with the first completely self-contained ventilation system for the residential market, and they haven’t looked back.

Stop by our showroom at 1401 Shepherd Drive in Houston to see the new Dacor Modernist flush-mounted oven. Stay up-to-date with us, and connect with K&N Sales on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Houzz!