Reorganizing Your Kitchen Cabinets


Reorganizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

February 25, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
We’ve talked about reorganizing your pantry, so now it’s time to take a look at your kitchen cabinets. Sometimes it’s just easier to pile cooking pans or Tupperware into the cabinet and tell yourself you’ll put it back in order later. Well we at K&N Sales have decided that stops here with the great cabinet organizing tips we’ve found.

The Spice Cabinet

Your spice cabinet is pretty much stuffed to the gills with condiments you probably have only seen once and that was the time you bought it. An interesting way to reorganize your spices and utilizing their space is to create a magnetic spice rack. Take the door to your spice cabinet and paint it with magnetic primer. Once the primer has dried, repaint the door the original color. Next place your spices into small stainless steel containers and label them with labeling tape. Then you’re ready to start putting the spices on the door!

The Tupperware Cabinet

  The right tops for your Tupperware can be frustrating to find when they are scattered throughout the cabinet. blogger, Jen Jones, has an easy solution: simply place all the tops in an unused bin. Place them in the bin by size and then stack the bottoms by size as well. No more scrambling to find the correct pair!

The Baking Cabinet

Digging through stacks of baking sheets and pan can be a real pain. A way to stop your search in its tracks and create more space is this great idea by Martha Stewart. Take tension rods and place them in the cabinet to create dividers. Then put your pans and sheets into the dividers by size and ta da! You have an organized cabinet and you’ve added some extra space for other cooking or baking utensils. We hope these tips help get your cabinets back in order. If you’re looking to replace the cabinets you have, be sure to stop by the K&N Sales show to see our selection of Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinets.