Shopping for Ranges and Stoves


Shopping for Ranges and Stoves

October 3, 2018 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Where do you start when shopping for ranges and stoves? If you want to purchase these as one unit—as opposed to a separate cooktop and wall oven—most of the same considerations apply: type of fuel, size/capacity, appliance size, and of course “extra” bells and whistles.

Fuel Type

Cooking with gas is responsive and allows for a visual reading of heat, and cooks often prefer gas cooking for those reasons. Modern electric ranges are much improved over their earlier counterparts; smoothtop electric ranges have lots of great built-in safety features, and most have expandable duel or triple elements that allow you to switch from high to low within one burner.

Electric induction ranges require special cookware, but magnetic coils under a ceramic glass surface offers precision and control.

Ilve Range UM-150 Majestic

Size & Capacity

A standard range (electric or gas) is 30 inches wide, while more professional style models measure 36 inches or more. If you’re replacing an appliance, make sure you purchase a replacement to fit the existing space.

When choosing your oven’s capacity consider how much and what type of cooking you do. Ovens can range from about 2 cubic feet to about 4 cubic feet in capacity. Do you love to bake? Are you often hosting holiday get-togethers? You will want an oven with a larger capacity.

Wolf Dual Fuel Range

Additional Features

Some bells-and-whistles are fancy upgrades, while others add simple convenience and safety. When shopping for ranges and ovens, look for the following features:

  • Control Lockout lets you disable oven controls—especially great when the control panel is forward of the range
  • Expandable elements, bridge, and oval burners can accommodate odd-sizes pans
  • Hot surface warning lights are especially useful on smoothtop electric cooktops, which take longer to cool down
  • Convection oven settings can be found on some mid- and high-price ranges allowing for convection cooking, which among other things reduces cooking time
  • Wi-Fi/Smart controls give you the ultimate control over cooking whether you’re home or stuck in traffic

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