Spotlight: Miele Dishwashers


Spotlight: Miele Dishwashers

March 1, 2017 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

There is a lot to love about Miele dishwashers, starting with the fact that this family-owned company has been producing appliances since 1899, building a reputation for excellence and top-quality service that continues today.

A Worthy Investment

Did you know that every Miele dishwasher is tested before it leaves the factory? Quality isn’t a word used lightly at Miele, where design and engineering are kept in-house. Your up-front cost may be higher with a Miele dishwasher, but the benefits pay off in the long run, including low-energy consumption for lower utility costs and longer unit life (twenty years) compared to competitors.

Energy Efficiency

All Miele dishwashers are Energy Star rated, and use advanced features like water and soil sensors to decrease water use during each cycle. They take the commitment to using “not a drop more” water than necessary by eliminating the need to pre-rinse, which can waste up to 3500 gallons of water per home each year.

Racking Systems

Miele is also known for their racking system options, which can be customized for the unit you select. Features vary depending on the type of tray, but can include: 3D cutlery tray, height-adjustable baskets, hinged support for glassware, and even XXL cup racks for the upper basket.


No other dishwasher can outperform a Miele when it comes to cleaning and drying capability. Professional-grade pumps, and the industry standard drying system produce consistently clean, sparkling, and sanitized dishes. Among some of the options available on various Miele dishwasher models:

  • SensorDry: This feature pulls in air from outside into the dishwasher, which along with the size of the load affects the drying process, to customize each drying cycle.
  • Perfect GlassCare: Counters the ‘aggressive effects’ of soft water on glass to keep your glassware in beautiful condition over time.
  • SaniWash: This setting allows you to hygienically clean baby bottles, cutting boards, and other items you want to ensure stay bacteria-free.

Whisper Quiet

The quietest dishwasher on the market, Miele goes so far as to test for sound when racks are packed full, to account for sound created by water on the dishes, pots, and pans. Not only are Miele dishwashers the most powerful on the market, they’re also the quietest—that’s quite a feat.

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