Spring is Blooming in Houston and So are the Festivals


Spring is Blooming in Houston and So are the Festivals

March 28, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
With spring in full bloom in Houston, there is no shortage of opportunities to enjoy a festival in your own backyard.  Fill up your calendar with a few of these interesting events in the next few weeks.

Catch a flick at the WorldFest Independent Film Festival.  From April 4-13, movie buffs can check out a great selection of movies, documentaries, commercials and more at this world-renowned event.  Gather up some treats from your refrigerator and head out to a show.

City and its park path

Play, create, explore and learn at the Houston Children’s Festival.  This is the place to be on March 29 and 30.  This festival will be full of games, activities, music and entertainment to engage children and adults of all ages.  A great time is in store for all at the largest children’s festival in the United States.

Go to Argentina at this year’s International Festival. The South American country is featured at this festival which hits Houston’s streets the last two weeks in April.  Theatre from the country will be on display and food from Houston’s South American neighbor will be cooking up for the enjoyment of festival attendees.

As part of the Houston community, K&N Sales is excited about spring in the city, especially all of the festivals that are available in the neighborhood.  Take some time this spring to enjoy a few of these activity-packed events.