Texas Chilling & Grilling Recipes


Texas Chilling & Grilling Recipes

May 24, 2017 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, we’re sharing some of our favorite recipes for chillin’ and grillin’ in your own backyard! Don’t forget to bookmark this page to keep these recipes handy for cooking all summer long.

Big Green Eggs sizes

Big Green Egg Grilling

The Big Green Egg is one of the most popular cookers in the K&S showroom thanks to its versatility and durability—not to mention its ability to cook delicious food. Like other “kamado” cookers, the Big Green Egg is fueled by wood or natural charcoal and can be easily adjusted to cook low-and-slow or for high-temperature searing heat.

Looking for inspiration on what to cook with your Big Green Egg? We especially love the following recipes, directly from their website:

Cocktails 101

If you’re entertaining at home, but you want to create restaurant-quality drinks, we have several suggestions to help you wow your guests.

Grab your Wolf Gourmet blender and whip up a batch—or three—of the Best Strawberry Daiquiri recipe we know, featuring the bright, crisp flavors of citrus along with smooth berries and your favorite brand of Texas rum.

To satisfy the beer drinkers, how about a keg of your favorite Texas brand of suds, like Lone Star, Karbach Brewing Co., Saint Arnold’s, Eureka Heights, Buffalo Bayou, and more! A Perlick Kegerator is all you need to keep the brew cold all day long.

Perlick Outdoor Kegerator

Stock up on fresh mint and pair with Texas whiskey and beat the heat with a batch of Mint Juleps! Don’t forget that when it comes to juleps, the ice can make or break a drink, so we recommend the Scotsman nugget ice machine—it’s even better than crushed ice!

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