The Wood-Mode Pet Parlor is a Perfect Treat


The Wood-Mode Pet Parlor is a Perfect Treat

January 7, 2015 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Wood-ModeWood-Mode has the perfect treat for your pet.  The customized cabinets in their new Pet Parlor is certain to get tails wagging. The Pet Parlor is specially designed with you and your pet in mind, and it doubles as a laundry room.


A Raised Island for Grooming


One of the biggest highlights of the Pet Parlor is an island in the middle of the space.  This Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 11.32.26 AMisland is big enough for your pet to stand on, so you can brush him while standing in a full upright position.  You won’t need to bend over or squat down to groom your pet with the Pet Parlor.  Plus, the Pet Parlor makes it easy to get face to face to show her some affection.


A Pet Friendly Water Fountain


When your pet is thirsty, you can take care of that need in one easy step.  The Pet Parlor includes a cabinet that holds a feeding station.  Directly above the water bowl, you will find a faucet.  A quick turn of the handle and your pet’s water bowl is filled again.  Satisfying your pet has never been easier.


Special Storage for Your Pet Items


The Pet Parlor can be easily incorporated into your laundry room. Drawers can be dedicated for storage of pet related items.  How convenient would it be to have a cabinet dedicated to toys or food or towels?


Whether your pet has been a member of your family for years or just moving in, the Pet Parlor is a great treat for him and you.  Contact K&N Sales today for assistance in bringing the Wood-Mode Pet Parlor to your home.