Three Outdoor Appliances Your Outdoor Party Can’t do Without


Three Outdoor Appliances Your Outdoor Party Can’t do Without

June 18, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff


You have worked hard and gotten your outdoor space ready for the summer party season.  You have selected the perfect menu to satisfy your guests and leave them talking.  However, there are a few appliances that every outdoor party needs.  Make sure you add them to your mix.


An Outdoor Refrigerator


Save your guests and yourself additional trips in and out of the house by keeping the food outside in an outdoor refrigerator.  You will give them ready access to cool beverages and additional supplies of cool treats such as dip.  Also, you will keep the door to your house closed so air conditioning doesn’t escape and run up your energy bill.


Warming Drawers


Keep the warm food close at hand as well with warming drawers designed to be outside.  You’ve spent quite a bit of time planning special foods for your guests. Finish the work by making sure those treats stay warm, tasty and easy for your guests to find.


Perlick Kegerator


The only thing better than beer at your summer party is beer served at the perfect temperature from a Perlick Kegerator.  The kegerator will fit in cabinetry if that is appropriate,or it can stand on its own.  It’s sure to be the hit of the party. Just add a keg, and you are ready to pour.


Put the finishing touches on your party plans with these great appliances.  The trio will push your event over the top.  Contact K&N Sales for all of your outdoor appliance needs.