Tips for Purchasing Washers and Dryers


Tips for Purchasing Washers and Dryers

September 29, 2018 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Make laundry your new favorite chore with a new washer and dryer! Even if “favorite” is a little optimistic, updating your washer and dryer can improve a normally boring task.

Top Loading vs. Front Loading


Affordable and easy-to-use (no bending over!) you will find a top-loading machine at any price point. Front-loading machines tend to be more efficient, using 65 percent less energy and about a third less water than top-loaders, but they are more expensive. A new breed of expensive, energy efficient top-loaders are emerging, but be prepared to see a bigger price tag.

Fisher Paykel Front Loader Quick Cycle Washer

Capacity and Water Usage


If conserving water is important to you, make sure you compare water usage on washing machine labels, as well as capacity. Compact models are space-savers, but may not keep up with the amount of laundry you produce. Don’t forget to check to see if your dryer is gas or electric, too.


Features: Bells and Whistles


If you’re shopping for new washers and dryers you may notice features such as:

  • Wi-Fi capability: Washers and dryers are getting smarter, including compatibility with Nest, Amazon Echo, and Google Home voice assistants
  • Automated sensors: Automatic temperature controls adjust hot and cold water for each cycle; auto-load sensors automatically adjust water used to the load size to conserve water
  • Steam options: Not only great for releasing creases, a steam feature can also help with stain removal


Laundry Tips:

  • Keep your energy efficient front-loading washer smelling fresh and mildew-free by only using 2 Tbsp. of detergent at a time. That’s all you need to clean your clothes, and the rest ends up as residue.
  • Washing clothes in the appropriate temperature water keeps fabrics looking their best over time.
  • Take care: Read and follow the care instructions for your washer and dryer to keep them clean and in excellent working shape.


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