August 8, 2018 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Today we’re trendspotting! We’re loving some of the emerging trends in kitchen design and renovation we’re seeing in 2018—let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Color Story

From paint to appliances, gray is the new neutral. Gray cabinets are a great way to go, but you can incorporate today’s trendiest color through finishes, and even your appliances—look for dark, brushed metals in matte finishes.

Bluestar Color Range

Gaining Steam

Faster than a conventional oven, steam ovens also help foods retain their nutrients and flavor. Steam ovens are trending in 2018 thanks to a combination of ease-of-use and excellent, consistent results.

High-Tech Touches

Remote control over appliances. Synchronized clocks, lights, and vents for the cooktop. Bluetooth-enabled appliances. Kitchens have gone high-tech in exciting ways, and homeowners are looking for “synchronicity” between the appliances. Touch-control panels are another high-tech trend gaining traction. Inspired by smartphone technology, touch-and-swipe controls on cooktops are fast and intuitive.

Keep Cool and Compartmentalize

Today’s refrigerators go beyond crispers! “Storage zones” are specialized for specific types of foods, giving you precise control so food stays fresher, longer. You can also install refrigeration drawers in other areas of the kitchen for added convenience and storage capability.

Ohhh La La!

French door ovens suit a variety of styles from retro to contemporary while also making efficient use in small spaces. Today’s French door ovens come equipped with Bluetooth technology, you can pre-heat the oven from the office so it’s ready to cook dinner when you walk through the door.

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