Upgrade Your Dishwasher and Simplify Your Life


Upgrade Your Dishwasher and Simplify Your Life

October 31, 2018 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Is it time to upgrade your dishwasher? Here are some signs your old dishwasher needs replacing:

  • Noise: Loud or funny noises that weren’t there before are a warning sign
  • Spotted/dirty dishes: It could be other things (poorly stacked dishes, the wrong soap) but if your machine isn’t scrubbing like it used to it might be time for an upgrade
  • Leaking water: Turn off the dishwasher and call the plumber and/or repair service!
  • Undrained water: If water remains standing inside the appliance after a cycle, there may be a clog or other issue
  • Rust: Not only is the machine breaking down, eventually it will start leaving rust on your dishes

Designer Tip: A dishwasher is one of the easiest appliances to conceal within cabinetry, but it requires forethought—once the order is placed, you can’t go home and decide later to switch out the cover.

Tips for Buying a Dishwasher

Considerations when shopping for a dishwasher include budget, size/space, and special features. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Capacity: How many dishes will the dishwasher tub accommodate? If you love to entertain, look for tall dishwasher tubs that can store a large number of place settings and accommodate pots and pans.
  • Cycles: Sanitizing cycles are great for baby bottles, while steam cycles save water; ask a sales representative to help you choose a model with cycles that are appropriate to your home cooking and cleaning habits.
  • Delay-start: Run your dishwasher when it’s convenient (or less expensive, thanks to lower utility rates) for you.
  • Interior tub: A stainless steel tub allows the for hotter water than plastic tubs
  • Rack Flexibility/space saving: A third rack is great for cutlery and utensils, but can restrict interior space; ask about adjustable and/or removable racks.

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