Wall Ovens


Wall Ovens

September 19, 2018 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

When it comes to choosing a wall oven there are more items than you may think, and with Thanksgiving just around the corner now is the time to make sure your oven is up to the task of finishing your holiday bird--not to mention side dishes and dessert.

Features of a Good Oven

What makes a good oven, and how do you go about narrowing your choices? When shopping for a wall oven, remember the following:

  • Fuel—Are you cooking with electric or gas?
  • Capacity—How big an oven do you need to suit your cooking needs/style?
  • Single vs. Double—If you have the room, a double oven will allow you to prepare multiple foods at different temperatures at the same time
  • Convection—Many oven manufacturers offer ovens with convection settings; convection cooking works by circulating hot air, which can reduce cook time
  • Side-swing or French door styles—Side-swing doors are a single door with hinges on one side; French doors have two doors that open outward from the middle. These styles of oven doors mean no more leaning over the oven door to haul out that 25 pound Thanksgiving bird.

Versatility & Control

Remember, when it comes to wall ovens the more bells and whistles you choose the higher the price point. That said, upgrading to an oven with better controls often means better safety features—not to mention more versatile cooking

  • Lockout controls allow you to disable oven controls—a great feature for homes with small children
  • Timers & Cook Delay settings allow you to select times for the oven to start and stop so dinner is ready when you are
  • Variable broil offers adjustable settings instead of a simple on/off function
  • Smart controls offer even more control and precision—start the oven from bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic!
  • Steam self-cleaning is an upgrade from traditional self-cleaning ovens with shorter clean times and fewer odors produced

Thermador Built-In Wall Ovens

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