Warm Up to Microwaves


Warm Up to Microwaves

October 24, 2018 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

The microwave is small, but it’s mighty—especially the day after a holiday like Thanksgiving when you’re warming up leftovers all day. Stay on the couch watching football—today’s microwaves perform better than ever, combining convenience and high-performance better than ever.

Designer Tip: If you don’t use your microwave, try replacing it with a steam oven—they reheat food well, and offer additional versatility. Love your microwave but need an upgrade? Try a combination microwave/convection oven that can perform double duty. We like this one by Sharp.

Pros & Cons

Considerations when upgrading your microwave include budget, space/location, and what type of oven you want.

  • Countertop Microwaves: Easy on the budget and simple to set up, the countertop models also use up counter space. Tip: Dedicate your outlet to the microwave to prevent tripping a circuit breaker.
  • Over-the-range (OTR): This model doubles as a hood for your range, although it’s not quite as efficient as a dedicated hood. OTR microwaves free up counter space.
  • Built-in: A microwave can also be built-in to a wall or surrounding cabinetry; microwave drawers can be placed under the countertop and are easy to install in an island. Keep in mind current microwave drawers are not available in convection, and require 24” of space.

Combination Models

Several of our favorite brands offer combination microwave/convection models:

  • Miele: Features include MasterChef programming, LED lighting, a perfect one-touch popcorn setting, and more.
  • Wolf: Wolf built-in microwaves come in three styles–drawer, top-down, and side-swing door, and they offer a combination model that fits a 24” cabinet space for easy installation.


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