Wine or Wine Not? Dacor Heritage Wine Station


Wine or Wine Not? Dacor Heritage Wine Station

June 6, 2018 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

What would you say if we told you that you could have four bottles of wine open at home at any given time, for up to 60 days, without losing flavor or freshness? Wine lovers – it’s time to choose the Dacor Heritage Wine Station!

About Dacor Heritage Wine Station

Dacor’s Heritage Wine Station is the first automated, temperature-controlled, four-bottle wine dispensing and preservation system for the home. The Heritage Wine Station allows you to choose the right amount of the right wine with the touch of a finger, so pour a taste, a half-glass, or a full glass, and enjoy restaurant-quality wine preservation and dispensing at home. The argon gas preservation system will keep your wines fresh for up to 60 days, and allows you to adjust pour settings from one-quarter ounce to a full, eight-ounce pour.

Dacor Heritage Wine Station

Heritage Wine Station Features

The Dacor Heritage Wine Station offers flexibility and freshness for home wine drinkers, and holds regular to magnum size bottles simultaneously. The Heritage wine station is easy-to-clean, and includes dishwasher-safe pour heads and pick-up tubes for even more convenience. The programmable LED display shows you wine type, year, and varietal of each bottle, and the unit is ready-to-use—just plug into a standard household outlet and go! No plumbing is required. Parental control locking doors mean you can safely leave the station unattended, too.

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