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Upcoming Events

The Living Kitchen


Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom
800 Sage Rd., Suite?B
Houston, Texas

? Sept 11th?at 6:00pm
??Oct 9th?at 6:00pm
? Oct 10th?at 11:30am

Join Sub-Zero/Wolf Executive ChefJoin Sub-Zero/Wolf Executive Chef Garth Blackburn in our Living Kitchen and enjoy a meal cooked to perfection using Sub-Zero and Wolf equipment.

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The?Viking Cooking Classes

Viking University 2 (VU:2):

Hubbell and Hudson Market &?Bistro
24 Waterway Ave, Suite 125
The Woodlands, Texas?

? Sept 11th at 6:00pm
? Sept 18th at 6:00pm

? Sept 23rd?at 6:00pm
? Sept 25th at 6:00pm
? Sept 26th?at 6:00pm
? Sept 29th?at 5:00pm
? Sept 30th?at 6:00pm

If?you have a passion for cooking and wish to expand your culinary skills, then VU:2 is for you. The second installment of our wildly popular Viking University series, VU:2 is highly educational, personally rewarding and fabulously fun.??

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Featured Product

Liebherr 30" (CS1611) 15.5 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Liebherr 30" (CS1611) 15.5 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

??Water Filter
? Energy Star Compliant
? SoftTouch digital display with capacitive switches

? SuperCool feature reduces the temperature to 35?F for 6 hours?

??FrostSafe System prevents cold air from escaping when door is open

Back to School

Back in Action

The lazy days of summer trips to the beach, summer camp for the kids and family time at the neighborhood pool are dwindling now that the school year has begun. Amidst the hustle and bustle of back-to-school shopping, Meet the Teacher nights and getting back in the routine can make it challenging to find time as a family. There are a number of ways to facilitate spending time with the family despite hectic schedules.

Get Your Grub On

Family dinners are a great way to incite communication among family members. The trick is to be consistent with family dinners and avoid overloading yourself with complicated and time-intensive recipes. According to, children that eat dinner with their families on a regular basis tend to perform better in school, pick up advanced vocabulary from speaking with adults more frequently and have a lower chance of using drugs, drinking and smoking in comparison to children that have family dinners less than three times a week.

Family Dinner

There is no shortage of websites with quick recipes for the busy American family, but here are a few that both adults and children alike are sure to enjoy. Wagon Wheel Beef Stew with tiny wagon wheel pasta to appeal to the little ones and seasoned lean ground beef for the adults. How about an adult version of the widely popular among teenagers Hot Pocket? With only 5 ingredients and picante sauce for a little kick, these Southwestern Chicken Roll-Ups are sure to please the whole family. Read on to find our more quick and healthy recipes for your family this fall.

After School Special

Have your children invite a friend home with them one day after school and get them going in the kitchen. Cooking is a wonderful way for children to learn, while having fun with family and friends. Devilish Eggs, Ants on a Log and Ladybug Salad are a few of the easy and adorable recipes suggested by Utah State University.

Cooking measuring and eggs

According to the Utah State University, cooking provides the backdrop for learning a variety of topics: math, organization, nutrition, responsibility and culture. Measuring out oil and counting out eggs, while asking math-oriented questions can offer a learning lesson. Recipes from around the world can educate children about different cultures and allow them to try new cuisines. Setting out all the ingredients for a recipe will challenge their organizational skills and working with recipes will show children the importance of following directions.?

Kids Cooking

Patio Party

A great way to reconnect with other parents and for your children to catch up with their friends is to host a party one weekend or evening. An outdoor party on your back patio is a nice way to enjoy the outdoors and see everyone you and your children haven?t seen in a few months. K&N Sales has everything you need to create an outdoor kitchen sure to impress all your guests. We touched on outdoor grilling with DCS, Viking and Wolf in our March blog. When it?s time to choose an outdoor barbecue your choices fall into the following categories: charcoal grill, gas grill, natural gas grill, smokers, and wood grills or fire pits. Keep an eye on the kids in the backyard and spend time with them and the other partygoers, while preparing food and drinks with your outdoor kitchen space. Outdoor cabinetry, dishwashers, ovens, steamers and refrigerators are all available to transform your patio into an al fresco kitchen experience.


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