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September 2014 : Back To School Success Tips!


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Back To School Success Tips!?

Now that September has arrived, your children are back in school. There?s nothing better than putting them in position to succeed in the classroom and achieve their full potential as students and people. One big step toward accomplishing this goal is helping your student enjoy reading and giving tips on how to become a better reader. Here are a few ideas to create a reading-friendly environment in your home.

Pick Books They Like
Kids are more likely to read about topics in which they have an interest. As much as possible, let your child pick out the books they?d like to have around the house. If you are having difficulty selecting which books to store on your cabinets, enlist the help of your local librarian or your child?s teacher. They should be able to offer some age-appropriate book ideas.
Variety is the Spice of Reading
Don?t limit reading materials to traditional books. The written word can be found in many different formats. Consider magazines, newspapers, audio books and e-books as well. Looking at and understanding the stories that scrapbooks and photo albums tell can help a child?s reading ability also. Even reading the back of a cereal box at the kitchen table can be educational.

reading nook

Take Reading on the Road with You
You don?t need to drag a library in the car with you to keep the kids reading. Whether you are on a long trip or just running a few errands, signs provide an endless supply of reading opportunities for passengers. Learn letters by looking for the alphabet in road signs. Consider communication methods by talking about the messages kids read on billboards. Increase math skills by counting miles until your exit.

Create a Reading Nook

Setting aside a specific part of your home for reading is a great way to encourage the activity. Pick a spot that is quiet and out of the way. Make sure that the space is compatible with technology so e-books can be read as well. If there are lighting issues, don?t hesitate to move a lamp into the reading nook. Every step you take to make reading more accessible is a step toward an engaged reader.

Here?s to a successful year at school for all your children. May they be learning new things every day. Contact K&N Sales for help in making your home more reader-friendly.

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