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January 2015 : New Year, New Brand


K&N January
2015 Newsletter

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Upcoming Events

The Living Kitchen


Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom
800 Sage Rd., Suite?B
Houston, Texas

? May 14th?at 6:00pm
? May 15th?at 11:30am

Join Sub-Zero/Wolf Executive Chef Garth Blackburn in our Living Kitchen and enjoy a meal cooked to perfection using Sub-Zero and Wolf equipment.

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K&N Sales Specials

K&N Warehouse
1401 Shepherd Drive
Houston, Texas?

Wood-Mode Pick-2

Save thousands during the Wood-Mode's Pick-2 Customer Savings Event!! The promotion runs through June 27, 2014!

For more information click here.

We hope to see you?at the K&N Warehouse located at 1401 Shepherd Dr. Please call us at 713-868-3611 if you have questions!


Visit our website at? RSVP for this event by emailing

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Featured Product

KiunnamedtchenAid Fully Integrated Dishwasher (KUDE60FXPA)
? Price: $ 999.00
? Category: Dishwashers

New Year, New Brand

As the New Year opens, K&N Sales is excited to introduce a new option that will fulfill your custom cabinetry needs in Houston. ?Now, Bellmont Cabinets are a part of quality lineup that K&N Sales can bring to your home. ?It is wonderful to give you another option as you look to start the New Year by upgrading the cabinets in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home.
Bellmont 1900 4

Two Customizing Options
Bellmont offers two choices for customizing their cabinets. ?Their 1900 Series cabinets allow you to customize every detail of your new cabinets. ?The 1600 Series allows you a level of customization while still remaining within your budget boundaries. ?Bellmont puts humanity, integrity, and responsibility into all their products so whichever series you select, you can rest assured you will get a fine cabinet.


Bellmont2 1900

Quality and Excellence From Washington
The Belmont Cabinet Company brings a 25-year history of creating excellent cabinets that meet the needs of today?s homes. ?Based in Washington state, this family-owned business is dedicated to timeless and trend-setting styles. ?From humble beginnings, Belmont has grown to have a reputation as one of the finest custom frameless cabinet manufacturers.


Bellmont2 1600

A Commitment to Social Responsibility
In addition to building a quality cabinet, Bellmont maintains a desire to take care of its environment. ?Most notably, their manufacturing processes is always eco sensitive. ?Bellmont focuses on keeping its air quality and emission levels. ?Also, they use certified and sustainable products.



While we are on the topic, we would like to share these 5 easy ways that you and your family can be more eco-friendly day-today:

  1. Turn off your computers at night. This simple task can save electricity and money! If you?re an on-the-go person that needs a quick start-up for your computer in the mornings then set it on an automatic turn-on setting.
  2. Skip the rinse. Did you know that you could save about 20 gallons of water for each dishwashing load if you just skip the rinse?
  3. Get your vegetarian on! Skip meat for a day to do yourself and the planet some good.
  4. Recycle newspaper. This tip has been told to us all of our lives, but not a lot of people take part in it. Instead of just tossing the newspaper, designate a newspaper trashcan and recycle them once a month. Easy as pie!
  5. Buy local! You can help the Earth and your local farmers when you buy local. Just think of all the greenhouse gas that is join_after_campaign_started when food from far away is flown or driven into town.

You can find more eco friendly adjustments here! Remember that you can upgrade your appliances to Energy Star qualified appliances with K&N Sales.
Bellmont has years of experience giving kitchens across the country the customized look they need. ?When you choose Bellmont, you choose excellence and the flexibility your budget needs. ?With their quality, Bellmont also keeps an eye on taking care of the environment. ?Happy New Year and welcome to K&N Sales, Bellmont Cabinets. Contact K&N for information about making Bellmont customized cabinets a part of your home this year


Visit our Showroom at 1401 Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77007
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.



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