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June 2012 : January 2012: New Year, New Home

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The Living Kitchen
Classes Starting: January 11th 2012

Join Sub-Zero/Wolf Executive Chef Garth Blackburn in our Living Kitchen and enjoy a cooked to perfection using Sub-Zero and Wolf equipment.

Don't forget to RSVP!

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Working with a Designer


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Bosch Vision Washer

New Year, New Home

After the rush of the holiday season is over, many people begin to plan their next remodeling project. Once the celebrations die down, its easier to look around our homes and prioritize those areas that need remodeling the most. What areas of your home would benefit the most from a renovation? Perhaps the kitchen needs new tile, or you are looking to replace some major appliances. We have compiled a list for homeowners to help you get the planning phase started.


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Make a Checklist
Its always easier to start with a list. Grab a notebook and a pen and write down everything you wish you could update or change about your home. If it helps, walk from room to room and make individual lists for each one. Write down absolutely everything, big or small, and dont prioritize. This is just a brainstorming session between you and your home.


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Budget & Prioritize
Once you have a comprehensive list, divide the projects into categories: need vs. want; expensive vs. inexpensive; short term renovations vs. long term projects. Time and money are two of the major factors in how homeowners decide which projects they choose to complete. Try to create a budget estimate for each projectuse an online cost estimator if you need a little help getting started, but make sure you talk to your designer and/or contractors to develop a more comprehensive, realistic budget when it comes time to the next item on our list.



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Appliances are a common renovation wish list item. When purchasing appliances "need" should trump "want"a new washer and dryer is nice, but if your refrigerator is on its last leg, replace that first. If you are looking to save money, consider a closeout or overstock appliance. We can offer you overstocked, discontinued, or slightly damaged appliances, sold for cash only and available for local pickup, for a reduced price. Installation is available for an additional charge, and most appliances will still have the manufacturers warranty intact.


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Choosing Trends
The industrial look in kitchens is a growing trend, one that doesnt seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Stainless appliances offer kitchens the clean look of a professional kitchen, so if you do a lot of high-end cooking and entertaining, consider creating a professional space for you to pursue your hobby. Another growing trend in kitchens is cabinet-front appliances, which give a seamless look to your kitchen design. Keep an eye out for our February newsletter where well outline more 2012 home remodeling trends!


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Consult with a Designer
Consulting with a design professional can help you organize your ideas. Looking at magazines and websites is a great way to find out what you like and dont like, but sometimes the amount of information can be overwhelming. When you consult with a designer they can help you clarify your vision and create a budget that will allow you to make your dream kitchen a reality. 

Stop and see us at K&N Sales, and speak with one of our staff about your next home remodeling project. And dont forget to visit our new K&N Sales blog, where you will find all the latest information on industry news and trends.

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