Holiday Decorations Guide


Holiday Decorations Guide

November 25, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Viewing Christmas lights.  You may have begun the tradition as a kid with your parents.  Or maybe you have decided to start a new tradition with your family.  Whatever kind of Christmas light viewer you may be, numerous neighborhoods around the Houston area offer a viewing experience to make the holidays extra special.


Before you load up the car and head to the lights, remember to  mix up a batch of hot apple cider or hot cocoa on the stove.  What could be better than listening to Christmas music on the radio and drinking a warm treat while looking at houses decorated for the season?


River Oaks


Homes along River Oaks Boulevard and those streets nearby offer white lights wrapped around majestic oak trees.  Large ornaments and LED lights adorn the houses as well.  Be sure to see the homes on Bellmeade and Inwood.


Shepherd Park and Candlelight Park


This kid friendly neighborhood includes arches over the streets and inflatables in the yards.  One street includes a trip to Christmases Around the World.  Sidewalks make walking through the area possible if the weather permits.  The best place to start viewing in this neighborhood is north of 43rd Street and East of Ella Boulevard.


Woodland Heights


This year’s Lights in the Heights festivities are scheduled for December 14.  However, the decorations are viewable in this neighborhood through Christmas.  The largest concentration of decorations can be seen on Bayland and Woodland Streets.

The Houston Zoo

This year Christmas lights are returning to the Hermann Park area.  The Houston Zoo is beginning a new tradition this winter with Zoo Lights. Attendees will see the zoo transformed into a winter wonderland with lights, snacks and decorations.  Many animals will be viewable during the evening event which runs through the new year.  An admission fee is required.


Wherever you are in Houston, enjoying some Christmas lights is certain to get you in the holiday mood. After enjoying the lights, if you find yourself looking for simple ways to spread more of the season in your home, we talked here about a few ideas that will help you.


These Winter Activities Make Staying Inside with your Family Enjoyable

November 18, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

As winter approaches, darkness arrives earlier every day.  Fewer hours of daylight combined with colder weather means you and your family are going to be inside together for longer periods of time until spring and longer days returns.  Before you feel the walls start closing in, consider the following indoor game ideas.  They are certain to make the winter months more enjoyable.


Play Indoor Foot Volleyball


With a piece of string and a blown up balloon, you are ready to set and spike in your family room.  Depending on the size of your open space, two, four or six can play this game.  The game works best if players attempt to kick the balloon over the string while in a crab-walk position.  Beginners may want to use their hands instead of their feet.  Turning on a ceiling fan is guaranteed to make the contest more interesting.


Learn a New Card Trick


Pull that old deck of cards out of your cabinet and work the rust off of your shuffling skills.  Thanks to YouTube, it is easy to learn one new card trick(or more) every day.  The winter nights will go by in no time, while you impress each other with your sleights of hand.  You can add an extra touch with a cape and a wand.


Draw a Three-Part Monster


If you have at least three people and some colored pencils or crayons and a countertop to use as a drawing surface, you can create some unique monsters, or any other characters you can imagine.  Each participant in this activity draws the head of the monster on the top part of a tri-folded piece of paper.  The drawings are rotated and each participant(without looking at the head) draws the creature’s torso on the middle portion of the paper.   Finally, a third participant, without the benefit of seeing the rest of the body, adds legs and feet to the picture.


The finished products are as unique and memorable as your family.  In addition to monsters, this activity can be used to create unique athletes, princesses, animals, politicians, etc. The possibilities are limitless.


Yes, it is getting darker earlier, forcing your family to stay inside for longer periods of time.  Try one of these activities or create one of your own.  You will have so much fun spring will be here before you know it.


Thanks to Our Veterans

November 11, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Today, K&N Designs of Houston thanks all the service men and women who have protected our nation and its citizens over the years.  It is humbling to remember the service these heroes have provided on our behalf both domestically and abroad.  At K&N, we realize that we wouldn’t  be able to do what we do if it weren’t for their sacrifice.


On Veterans Day, please take a moment to remember those who have served and thank them.


Remember them in Silence


Take some time to think about someone you know who served in the military.  Take a few moments to consider what they did and how you can thank them.


Remember them in the Kitchen


Show your appreciation to a veteran by preparing a homemade treat for them.  Something baked in the oven or a treat from the grill can be a heartfelt thank you.


Remember them with your Words


There is no more personal way to say “thank you” than with a handwritten note.  Find some paper in your cabinet and write your appreciation to a hero.


Remember them from your Heart


We owe our liberties and freedoms to them.  When you have an opportunity to show your appreciation to a veteran, don’t hesitate, show them your heart.   They certainly deserve it.


Thank you, veterans.  Your service inspires us to serve.  We appreciate you and all that have done for our country.


Enjoy Your Holidays More with an Organized Decoration Storage Plan

November 4, 2013 l Topics:Appliances l By K&N Sales Staff

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have an organized way to store all of your decorations when this holiday season comes to a close?  Having everything in its place is the perfect end to your holiday celebrations.  Here are a few ideas to get those decorations stored in a way that will have you looking forward to the holidays for years to come.


Categorize Your Decorations


All decorations aren’t the same.  Keeping them separated based on how you use them will make them easier to find the next time you need them.  A few questions to consider when categorizing:  Where do I use these decorations?  What size are they?  When do I use them?  While you are separating your items, it is a good time to consider parting ways with those decorations you no longer display.


Find Appropriate Storage Bins


Once you know the different types of decorations you have, determine the size and type of boxes you need to effectively store them.  You may be best served by plastic storage crates, or perhaps new sturdy cardboard boxes will suffice.  If you find out you need more space for your boxes, K&N can assist you with storage solutions, such as new cabinets, that will increase your available space with a touch of style.


Label Those Bins


Rather than trying to remember what is in every box until next winter, make it easy on yourself.  Label the boxes so it is easy to see what is in each one.  If you have the time, a written description of the items in each container will make next year’s decorating process even more efficient and enjoyable.  This list could be stored in a convenient spot such as a file cabinet.


Store the Decorations and Relax


Once you have your plan in place, all that remains to do is putting the decorations in their proper place.  You’ll just need to untangle  the lights, dismantle the tree and a few other details and you will be ready for the next season.  If you have any dishes or glasses in your decoration collection, an Amana dishwasher, which is available at K&N, will get them crystal clean, so they will be ready to go as soon as you take them out of the box next year.


Don’t let worrying about what you’re going to do with the decorations weigh on your mind this holiday season.  Be prepared with a plan to put them away in a systematic fashion.  Knowing where the decorations are going when you are done with them, will help you enjoy them and the holidays even more.