Ice Makers

With the help of our experts and sales staffs, we, at K&N Sales, aim to provide our customers with the best kitchen interior designs and styles. Our experts offer advice in accordance with the latest design trends and solutions. Our spectrum of kitchen appliances and tools involves Sonic IceMaker and different other refrigeration appliances which are suitable for both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

Our collection of ice-makers is acknowledged for their power-packed performance, elegance, longevity and perfect finish. If you are planning to incorporate new refrigeration products at your home or simply upgrade your appliances, visit our store at Houston to get further details. K&N Sales employs talented professionals who can assist you in making the right choices, in terms of kitchen or home remodeling.

Our full-time staff at the Houston-based K&N Kitchen Appliances showroom have the necessary knowledge to turn your vision and requirements into reality, by offering you useful appliances which fit your kitchen. Since our staffs have the skill and the ideas with respect to kitchen designs, they can add functionality to your kitchen décor. For instance, if you plan to install a refrigeration system (such as an ice-maker) in your home, specialists at our store will inform you about the latest product designs and features which can work for you.

For example, if you prefer super chewable ice nuggets, in the shape of pebbles, chunks or pellets, you can get ice-makers which produce these, from our store. Since chewable ice nuggets have become the perfect compliment for specific beverages such as cocktails, smoothies, juices and milk shakes, the popularity of the ice makers has increased too. One of the main benefits of consuming these nuggets is that they melt slowly in your mouth. At our store, you will get umpteen options on ice makers, which produce such nuggets.

So, visit our store before you upgrade your kitchen. Using decades of experience, our sales personnels will assist you in a manner which will act as an eye-opener for you. Professional advice is always welcome, and our staffs provide that keeping in mind your budget and daily requirements.