An Organized Yard is Even Easier to Enjoy


An Organized Yard is Even Easier to Enjoy

May 2, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

As the weather continues to encourage you to spend time outside, you may feel the need to reorganize your outdoor spaces. The following ideas get you started on this task so you can organize your yard and get back to enjoying it.


Throw Away What you Don’t Need Anymore


In the garage, in your yard and in your shed, you have numerous items that have outlived their usefulness.  Now is as good a time as any to get rid of them.  Items to consider rusty tools, dead plants and obsolete lawn furniture.


Consider a New Shed


A new shed in your backyard gives you a chance to add new storage space.  Make a plan to move items from cluttered spaces into the shed.  The extra space can open up all kinds of possibilities for your home.


Use The Bucket Method


Use labeled buckets to store various kinds of items from your yard.  A five-gallon container serves as a great landing spot for toys, garden tools and other stuff.  When the items aren’t in use, the buckets can be stored on a shelf in the garage.


It’s a great time to be outside.  The weather is perfect for lighting the grill and having a party.  Take the time to re-organize your outside spaces, and you will enjoy being outside even more.