Send Your Kids Back to School with a Healthy Lunch


Send Your Kids Back to School with a Healthy Lunch

August 20, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
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                    The start of a new academic year means it’s time to for your children to eat at school again.  Obviously, they can’t take your kitchen with them.  However, here are some healthy food ideas that will easily fit in their backpacks.   Corn and Zucchini Fritters   These treats start with whole wheat pancake batter.  Add frozen corn and grated zucchini.  The zucchini will add moisture when you cook them like a pancake.  A small cup of Greek yogurt is the perfect complement for your student’s lunch.  They won’t leave their lunchbox on the counter.   The Elvis Burrito   If your goal is to have your kids say, “Viva, school lunch!”, start with a toasted tortilla.  Spread peanut butter on it.  Sprinkle on pieces of bacon.  Finish up the treat by wrapping up the tortilla complete with banana slices.  Don’t be surprised if you hear, “Thank you very much” when you add this treat to their lunch.   Mini-Bagel Breakfast Sandwich   Breakfast food for lunch? It will definitely be a hit.  Spread cream cheese on both halves of a bagel.  Stack on scrambled eggs, a tomato slice and Canadian bacon. The great thing about this treat is you can serve it as an after school snack as well.  Just pop it in the microwave.   Make lunch time the best time this school year.  Put your kitchen to full use and get your kids ready for academic success with a healthy lunch.