Introducing Wolf’s New Line of Gas Ranges


Introducing Wolf’s New Line of Gas Ranges

February 11, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
All of us at K&N Sales are excited to let you know about Wolf’s new line of gas ranges. Available for purchase starting in March, these ranges will give you more temperature control while cooking delicate dishes like chocolate. Let’s take a look at some of the features.  

Simmer Down

  The new range features dual-stacked burners that have two tiers of flame ports, so the heat will stay consistent and precisely controlled. The dual burners range from 9,200 to 15,000 BTUs on high and they can go down to 350 BTUs for low, slow simmers. Sealed burners also means cleanup is a snap; normal kitchen messes, which can go behind the burners, are simply wiped away. The gas convection oven below will give you the fantastic results every time. The moist heat cooks the food at the perfect temperature and the infrared broiler will crisp foods without overcooking the center.            

Custom Order

  Another great feature is the ability to create a cooktop that works with your family’s needs. Depending on your range size, you can choose from 12 different cooktop options. Add on a griddle or charbroiler, which have infrared elements for rapid temperature recovery when you place cold food on the surface. On the 60”, you can add a French Top burner to the cooktop.     For more information, visit the Wolf website and come into K&N Sales to order your new range today!