Making Your Laundry Room A Splendid Space


Making Your Laundry Room A Splendid Space

March 19, 2015 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Laundry rooms get little, if any, attention. While having a gorgeous laundry space is nice, it is more important to focus on its functionality. K&N Sales has several appliance and organizational options to help you, and your laundry room, reach the next level.


Cabinets & Countertops


Most people love solid wood cabinets and beautiful countertops. Your laundry room is one space where both of these aspirations need to fit the needs of the room. Laundry rooms tend to be humid making wood a not-so-great option. We suggest high-pressure laminate cabinets because water will not affect them. They are also able to withstand cleaning making them a wonderful alternative to wood cabinetry.


Bleach and stain-releasing spray are laundry room staples. Chances are you will lay your clothes out on the countertop before putting them in your washer. Quartz countertops are bleach resistant and easy to clean. These countertops will hold up against your toughest laundry regiment.


The Right Appliances


The perfect washer and dryer combination is essential to any laundry space. We carry an array of appliance brands to fit your home (and your budget).


Bosch 24" Compact WasherIf you have a smaller laundry room, we suggest the Bosch 24” laundry units. You can stack them or put them under your counter side-by-side maximizing your space. Bosch’s compact appliance combination will get your clothes from dirty to dry in 30 minutes flat.


Maytag has top of the line options for front loading or top loading washer and dryers. Their high efficiency are ENERGY STAR® Certified thus ensuring you save money on your energy bill. Each appliance has medium to large capacities and quiet operation capabilities. Designed and engineered in the USA, these appliances are backed by a 10-year limited part warranty on the washer and dryer motor, basket, and drum.


Organization Options


Last week, we mentioned some great ways to spruce up your closet by using the Rev-A-Shelf. This unique pullout laundry hamper looks (and acts) like any other drawer but stores your dirty clothes out-of-sight making it perfect for any laundry room. Pop-up ironing boards and a cleaning caddy make it easy to store all of your detergents, bleach, and dryer sheets while remaining organized.


K&N Sales is here to partner with you for all of your design needs. We will facilitate the creation of a functional, beautiful space. Feel free to visit our Houzz for some inspiration.