No Need To Wine About It: Tips On Wine Storage


No Need To Wine About It: Tips On Wine Storage

November 13, 2012 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

A typical holiday host/hostess gift is a good bottle of wine. After hosting a handful of parties, you begin to wonder “Where am I going to put all these bottles?” While some of us aren’t lucky enough to have a built in wine cellar, there is another to keep your bottles in tiptop condition: wine fridge.


Get Ready



A wine fridge is one of the best ways to keep your wines in their best environment. Choose options that can range from the very basic to high end. Food & Wine magazine suggest some variables that you should consider when purchasing your wine fridge:




-How much space do you think you’ll need? When you determine that, double it because you know your collection will grow.


-Look for a unit that has aluminum interior and a pebbled textured lining. These will help control the temperature and humidity.



-If you are thinking about purchasing a wine fridge with a glass door, make sure to check that the door has a UV protective coating.



-Check to make sure there are stabilizing solutions to protect the wine from the compressor’s vibrations. For example, the compressor mounted on rubber blocks and/or coated racks to grip the bottles.



Get Set


It’s now time set the fridge up for your collection. While setting the controls, remember that most wines need about 70% humidity. This will keep the moist cork and prevent it from drying out. Also you should set the temperature to around 50?. Most reds should be stored around 50? to 55?, and whites also do well in that lower range.




You have everything set up and have placed your current bottles into the fridge. You’re probably now wondering, “How do I continue to grow my collection?” Well that’s up to you. Wall Street Journal’s wine columnists, Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher suggest to just let your collection happen organically. Discover a new type of wine then buy a two or three bottles. Your new collection doesn’t have to fit anyone else’s tastes.


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