Outdoor Grilling: DCS vs. Big Green Egg vs. Alfresco Grills


Outdoor Grilling: DCS vs. Big Green Egg vs. Alfresco Grills

April 13, 2016 l Topics:Blogs l By KN Staff

With warmer weather come more opportunities to grill a home-cooked meal outdoors.  Outdoor grilling is an art and you have a wide variety of grills at your disposal to choose from.  This blog will discuss some of our favorite grills.

DCS by Fisher & Paykel offers impressive innovation in the outdoor grilling realm.  One of 9968-outdoorpg-banner-2our favorite features is the temperature gauge.  DCS Grills have been on the market since 1989, offering the power and functionality demanded by a professional chef.  The benefit of the built-in temperature gauge is that you know exactly how hot the grill is with the hood down.  Monitoring temperatures is a breeze while simultaneously maximizing the grill's natural convection.  Go from zero to sear with total control.

The Big Green Egg is another innovative product with a unique cooking system.  It is advanced by NASA and brings out unrivalled flavors while grilling, cooking, baking, stewing, and smoking your favorite dishes.  The Big Green Egg is environmentally friendly in its structure and materials used.  The charcoal used with the grill generates surprisingly little ash.

Our final favorite is Alfresco.  Alfresco Grills offer commercial restaurant-quality product innovation.  For example, achieve intense even heat for perfect results with a smoke and herb infuser, rotis fry, steam, and roast.  If you are interested in selecting the perfect outdoor grill for you, feel free to stop by our showroom.  Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Houzz to stay up-to-date on all the happenings at K&N Sales!