Prepare Your Whole House for the Holidays


Prepare Your Whole House for the Holidays

October 28, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Previously in this space, we touched on some ideas to get your kitchen ready for the upcoming holidays.  Since there is much more to your home than a kitchen, here are some ideas to get the rest of your residence prepared for the season.


Greet Your Guests with a Holiday Wreath


holiday wreathWhether you make one yourself or purchase it, a holiday wreath on the door will get anyone who comes to your home into the spirit.  The colors and festivity of a wreath can add to the celebration inside as well.  If you use a natural wreath, you can entertain with the aroma of the holidays in the air too.


Hang Those Stockings With Care


Decorated stockings add flair to any holiday arrangement.  You can add to your home’s theme and personality using different sizes and styles.  Put them over the mantel or hang them on the staircase.  They will fill your guests with cheer from head to toe.


Add New Colors to Your Celebration


Don’t hesitate to bring some new colors from the spectrum to your home this season.  Blue, green and silver will add a unique hue to your tree.  If you are looking for a vintage holiday feel, try a tan and red color scheme.  There are a lot more colors in the holiday rainbow than just red and green.


Give Your Ornaments a New Home


ornamentsIf your tree isn’t quite big enough to hold all of your favorite ornaments, get creative.  The glistening pieces of holiday cheer can be hung just about anywhere if you use an ornament hook or some ribbon.  Surprise your guests with ornaments in new places, like a chandelier or on the cabinets that you recently purchased from K&N Sales.


There’s still time to prepare every room for the holiday season.  K&N Sales will assist you in finding the perfect solutions for your home throughout the holidays and into the new year.