Super Bowl Sunday… Are You Ready?


Super Bowl Sunday… Are You Ready?

January 28, 2015 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

You face a difficult task this weekend: host an off-the-charts Super Bowl party and keep your New Year’s resolution to eat healthy.  Before the Patriots and Seahawks take the field on Sunday, here are a few tips to help you accomplish both goals.


Invite a few close friends over early to help you set up for the event


Just like the game itself, your party can have its own pre-game show.  It won’t take a big crowd to move a few tables and make sure decorations are in their proper place.  The pre-game show is also a chance to visit with some people before the big game gets started.  Take some time before the party to figure out how best to use your remodeled kitchen.  If time allows, let your guests preview some of your healthy party snacks, like white bean dip.


Don’t hesitate to make the event a potluck


Add some variety to the party by asking guests to bring a special treat from their own kitchen.  Feel free to set a theme. Consider having guests bring items specific to various NFL cities.  Share ideas for healthy snack ideas, like zucchini fries, with your guests.


Keep it simple and low key


Be careful not to set expectations for the party.  Pressure to have “The Party of the Year” can lead to a letdown for everyone.  Just invite some friends over to enjoy the game and some healthy snacks with you.

The Super Bowl is a great event to share with your friends.  Take the time to keep it stress free and healthy, and you and your guests will be the big winners this Sunday.  Contact K&N Sales for assistance in getting your home ready for many super parties and super living.