Take Your Outdoor Space to a Whole New Level with these Design Ideas


Take Your Outdoor Space to a Whole New Level with these Design Ideas

May 28, 2014 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
Patio of a villa

You can take your porch, patio or other outdoor space to a whole new level this summer.  Try one of these outdoor design ideas, and you will be on your way.


Organize your Yard into “Rooms”


Maximize the use of your backyard by creating different spaces with distinct purposes within the larger space.  Much like the inside of your home has rooms that are better suited for relaxing or socializing, the backyard can be compartmentalized.  Use landscaping and furniture to open up new nooks and possibly an outdoor “dining room.”


Let Your Guests Walk on Trees


Slices of a tree make a unique walkway for your guests.  The journey from the back door to the deck will be extra special walking on trees.  In lieu of more commonly utilized items such as concrete or tiles, this natural alternative gives your space a park feel.


Don’t Forget the Outdoor Fabrics


There are numerous enhancements you can make using fabrics.  Once you decide to use fabrics on furniture or pillows or somewhere else, don’t forget to use special material manufactured to withstand the elements.  Outdoor fabrics are created to repel water and resist rot and mildew.


Create a Backyard Hideaway


Offset the high activity feel of your backyard with a small alcove where you can get away.  Use a small corner and don’t tell anyone about it.  A few well-placed plants and a few special pieces of outdoor furniture give you a secret spot for those days when life gets too hectic.

Your backyard should serve you in numerous ways.  Add new features to the space to maximize your return of outdoor enjoyment.  Let the designers at K&N Sales help you take your patio or porch to a whole new level.