The Unseen Green at K&N Sales


The Unseen Green at K&N Sales

June 24, 2013 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff
We, at K&N Sales, are passionate about a lot of things; cabinetry, kitchen appliances, quality and recycling. That’s correct! We recycle and hope you do too. We want to show you one pure way to wash below, but we have many more ecofriendly kitchen appliances in stock. Read on to discover some of our very own behind the scene recycling steps as well! n


PureWash is different compared to traditional washers because it does not require detergent and it only uses cold water. How does it clean without detergent? It functions by adding Photo Catalytic Oxidizers and enhanced oxygen to the water chilly supply (see image to the left). To find out more about the PureWash system, click here and read our blog focused purely on PureWash!

Oddly Enough, “Fluff” …

  You might be surprised to learn that we recycle surplus Styrofoam, a.k.a. Polystyrene, which is used as a common packing material. Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam (EPS) is around 95 percent air, making it an excellent, lightweight insulator for shipping. In order to recycle EPS, we first feed the EPS into a grinder in order to process it into “fluff.” All of the air is removed when it is melted by friction and heat in our machine. The melted material is extruded as polystyrene strands, which are eventually cooled and cut up into pellets. Then, we ship them out to be reused by manufacturers as insulation. h

The Green Machine

Most of our appliances are shipped in cardboard boxes, but we do out part to make sure they are recycled. Behind the scenes, in our shipping department, we have a huge compactor (see image to the left), which compresses our excess cardboard boxes. After we have compiled a full compactor, the compacted boxes are exported from the machine into a bundle that is sent out to be recycled (see image to the left). For more ways to save and live an ecofriendly lifestyle visit our website or our modern 6,500 square foot showroom today!