Wine Storage Options


Wine Storage Options

September 2, 2015 l Topics:Blogs l By K&N Sales Staff

Last month, we went on quite the culinary adventure.  After cooking up delicious recipes inspired by Italian, French, Latin, and Japanese cuisine, only one thing remains.  Something to wash it all down with!  This month, as temperatures start to cool just a bit, we will take a look at building different types of bars to entertain your guests.  This week is a special treat for wine aficionados: wine storage options.
Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.01.10 PMOnly the extremely fortunate among us have the funds to install a dedicated full wine cellar in their homes.  But that shouldn't stop you from having a wine collection in your home that you can take measures to protect.  The conditions in your home including temperature, light, etc. can impact the taste and quality of your wine.  To make sure you preserve the quality of your collection, Sub-Zero and Dacor have just what you need.
Sub-Zero offers several wine storage options that not only act as coolers but also protect your wine from heat, humidity, vibration, and light.  Customization is also at your disposal with five different widths, ranging from 15-30", and with capacities ranging from 26-147 bottles.  Whether you have a small or large collection, Sub-Zero has options available to fit your needs.  The layout of your kitchen is also a consideration in deciding whether you would like a tall and wide wine storage unit or an under-the-counter unit which takes up less space.
Dacor also offers several options for your wine collection.  Dacor's WineStation is a one of a kind device: an automated, temperature controlled, four-bottle wine dispensing and preservation system.  By maintaining the freshness of your wine for up to 60 days, Dacor ensures that you have the ultimate in convenience and efficiency when enjoying your favorite wines.  Dacor also has the Renaissance Wine Cellar which provides the perfect environment for your wine to fully develop.  With a storage capacity of up to 46 bottles, you have room to accumulate quite the collection.
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